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Learn from yesterday, Live for today!

Upgrade to RapidWeaver 7.0

Again, it was a real experience to go on with the newest version 7.0 .
First of all upgrade your addons!
Then install/upgrade RapidWeaver 7.0
My first impression is quick and good looking. But then publishing…..


OS X El Capitan komt er aan, wat nu?

It is almost time (oktober 2015 ?) for the new version OS X 10.11 El Capitan for Mac devices. Begin to make enough room for the installation. You need minimal 10 Gb free memory on your harddisk. Check your … memory! Read More...

Before installing iOS 9

It is almost time (15 september 2015 ?) for the new version iOS9 for iPhone and iPad.Begin to make enough room for the installation of iOS9 for the iPad, iPhone. You need minimal 1,3Gb free memory. Check your … memory!

iCloud service Apple!

iCloud is an Apple service, this will give you the opportunity to work with several devices from Apple on the same documents, whatever your location is. You can do this with the following programs; Pages, Numbers and Keynote. You have also the possibility to work with other persons together on the same documents, when you give acces to your documents. Read More...

Video course Swift1 (for app's on iPad, iphone Apple)

I find a new challenge, "LEARNING Swift". An object oriented programming language. I like to do this first in my own language, because it is already difficult enough to do so, on my age! So I find my video course by iOS-Academy. The founder of this academy is Roelf Sluman. Read More...