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Before installing iOS 9

It is almost time (15 september 2015 ?) for the new version iOS9 for iPhone and iPad.Begin to make enough room for the installation of iOS9 for the iPad, iPhone. You need minimal 1,3Gb free memory. Check your … memory!

- 1 - First, Check if your device is capable to install iOS9!
- 2 - Cleanup your App's (Makes more room in your memory).
- 3 - Alway make a "Backup" before upgrading to a new OS on iCloud or iTunes.
- 4 - Update all you App's, to the latest version.
- 5 - It is now more important than before, to have an account by Apple ( because there will be more pressure to use iCloud with the applications and the security on your device will be harder.
Cheers! (Succes!)