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Video course Swift1 (for app's on iPad, iphone Apple)

I find a new challenge, "LEARNING Swift". An object oriented programming language. I like to do this first in my own language, because it is already difficult enough to do so, on my age! So I find my video course by iOS-Academy. The founder of this academy is Roelf Sluman.
The following link, will give you more information about iOS-academy. The course is good to follow if you have no experience with programming languages (it will help, if you have experience of course). Also it's handy to buy the book "Apps bouwen met Swift en Programmeren met SWIFT 1" it is an E-Book, if you have an iPad, then you can read it with iBooks. You can find more information and read it back after following the Video course. There is also a forum, were you can interact with other students. You can even ask some question about the course or book, and you wil have answer, within 2 days mostly. (Cheers, Succes).
Here you find the
syntax for Swift, that is very handy to use.
If you want English books then you will find, also E-Book, "
The Swift Programming Language" from Apple.