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Upgrade to RapidWeaver 7.0

Again, it was a real experience to go on with the newest version 7.0 .
First of all upgrade your addons!
Then install/upgrade RapidWeaver 7.0
My first impression is quick and good looking. But then publishing…..

You can load the website, maked in RW6, in the RW7 version and go on with editing.
All works fine!
But in my case when I published this changes to my Host, it seemed to be a good transmission.
But when you visit your website nothing is changed.
What did going wrong in my publish parameters?
I did not change anything there!
So I looked into my hosting directory structure and find that the publishing directory is:
Before with RW6 it was and is:
So Rapid Weaver changed the publishing path!
So, I ask my hosting company to solve that problem and he did with a symlink for now.
Then al the problems were over and it works fine.
I published the solution to Rapid Weaver forum to.

Thats all folks !!