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OS X El Capitan komt er aan, wat nu?

It is almost time (oktober 2015 ?) for the new version OS X 10.11 El Capitan for Mac devices. Begin to make enough room for the installation. You need minimal 10 Gb free memory on your harddisk. Check your … memory!

- 1 - First,
Check if your MacbookPro device can have a installation of OS X 10.11 El Capitan!
- 2 -
Alway make a "Backup" before upgrading to a new Operatingsystem (you never know!) on iCloud or external drive.
- 3 - Your internal memory bank must be 4GB but I prefer 8 GB
- 4 - It is now more important than before, to have an account by Apple ( because there will be more pressure to use iCloud with the applications and the security on your Mac will be harder.
- 5 - Make a clean installation, your Mac will work a lot better!
- 6 - Install your programs as new from the Apple store, this will give you a lot quicker Macbook and you will have the newest versions!.
- 7 - Get your data from the external drive (your backup drive), into the user directory.
- 8 - Bring in your licensekey's, in the programs you already bought.
If you want to know, how to make a clean install? Read my document on the site !
I can't wait…
Cheers! (Succes!)