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iCloud service Apple!

iCloud is an Apple service, this will give you the opportunity to work with several devices from Apple on the same documents, whatever your location is. You can do this with the following programs; Pages, Numbers and Keynote. You have also the possibility to work with other persons together on the same documents, when you give acces to your documents.
But you must be very careful with those documents, and save them in time also on your harddisk as a backup!
I am working now for two years on the iCloud with my documents, and several times I had a different directory on my iPad then I had on my MacBookPro. So that make me suspicious about the reliability of my documents. It seemed as if I had two different iClouds, one for my MacBookPro and one for my iPad. That is not normal, it must be the same iCloud for both, so I called the helpdesk from Apple and ask them to help me with this problem. They did not understand what's going on and give me advise to disconnect my iCloud from my MacbookPro, they helped me to do so, and reconnected my MacbookPro again on the iCloud.
Now my files should be there again and the same for both devices,
Ohhhh no, al my files from the iCloud on the MacbookPro were gone and could not be restored again!
The helpdesk did not understood what did happend and say sorry but……..
This is not, what my ten years of experience with Apple was.
I hope you will make some backup from your iCloud files, before you have the same experience I had, be warned!