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Bid Management is interesting for companies who been confronted with complex European tendering. Getronics is such a company. It goes about tendering to european companies, this brings a lot of complex administrative processes for a company who like to sale there expertise in a international rival arena. On front of the international rivals, you must select your strong and unique points to win the tendering.

My "Bid Management" expertise are:
  • Brainstorm over the best answers for the tender, with a small team of sales and specialists out of the organization.
  • Think about the best solutions, the most distinctive responses and how to display this in a quotation.
  • Coordinate the quotation process.
  • Writing the quotation.
  • Advise about European tender rules and how to act specific tender processes.
  • Proper consultation with legal counsel on text and content.
The point is, to score as many points on the responses to a winning bid down.
Caring for the implementation of the quotation and competitive rates should be decisive!

Collect data from old projects, where the question is:
  • Customer name
  • Do we have a good description of the contract
  • Were we succeeded for the assignment?
  • Does the client willing to contribute to publishing this information.
  • What were the costs of this project?
  • What was the throughput in time?
  • What were the challenges?
  • What were the costs of the quotation?
  • Can we use the information for other projects?

Making a logical structure into the database. The goal was to find the data in record time for the sales and account managers to produce a quotation for a next tender.

I did learn from this project to understand how an international tender grew to a successful quotation.

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