ING-Clearing (AEX):

As Technical Projectleader, I was responsible for the ICT-hardware and -software, -infrastructure and backup systems. This must be checked on reliability, to go from the year 1999 to 2000.

My work consist of:
  • Making an inventory of software.
  • Making an inventory of hardware.
  • Testing the hardware (PC's, network equipment, servers) for the millennium transfer.
  • Testing the software for the millennium transfer.
  • Testing the infrastructure (Modems, Hubs, Patch cabinets ) for the millennium transfer.
  • Testing backup equipment for the millennium transfer.
  • Making a list for hardware replacement
  • Making a list for software replacement or give advice for an other software product.
  • Planning the millennium tests.
  • Emulating the millennium transfer and making a list of challenges to overcome.
  • Making process descriptions to hold the compliantly for the millennium transfer.
  • Freeze software packages at a certain date, to make guarantees for the millennium transfer.
  • Setting up procedures to hold the situation stable.
  • Making "risk analyses", to find out how to handle, when things does not went as you try to predict.
  • Writing out scenarios about possibilities.
  • Coaching staff for further action.

I succeeded in all the assignments, the millennium transfer was a succes.
It was a very challenging job and I did it with pleasure.

From 09-1988 until 09-1989, I did an project "Electronic banking" for customers of NMB with success.

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