I was responsible for a few locations in the process to rollout the Enterprice highway in offices from KLM Cargo on the airports.

Everyday, I was responsible to have employees on place were we want to workout the new blueprint.
Inside the design of the blueprint from the Enterprice highway, there were the instructions to replace the SDLC connections to ethernet connections.

The work consist of:
  • Replacing equipment and remove the old ones.
  • Making new cabling into the offices of KLM Cargo.
  • Testing the new equipment on functionality.
  • Testing connections over the network.

I had the challenge to send my equipment from Amsterdam to the airports on other office location from KLM Cargo.
Also I had the responsibility to remove the old equipment and send them back to Amsterdam.
I did most of the work by telephone at the office in Amsterdam Schiphol.
Sometimes, I did go to the location like Abu Dhabi, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt to watch the planned workout.

The assignment was:
  • Daily control, concerning the operation to send equipment to offices from KLM Cargo on other airports.
  • Rent employees on place and place the equipment and install cabling for the networks.
  • Planning the work for the configuration of equipment at Amsterdam in time, to send this equipment to the offices on other locations.

I succeeded in all the assignments.

It was a very challenging job and I did it with pleasure.

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