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I followed an internal training “M3©”, the method developed by Migration Match to achieve a success full migration in ICT.

With our team, I wrote as
Consultant/Migration Manager, an action plan for the migration of the ICT from Heijmans.
I also wrote a presentation in Powerpoint, to explain to the managers of Heijmans Infra, how we want to migrate the ICT.
Last but not least, I wrote an action plan for the Migration managers.
Next, together with the IM and ICT-ers from Heijmans, I wrote an action plan for the department Infra.
My plan is being implemented by a younger colleague.

For the
internal back-office of Migration Match, I wrote an action plan to organize the process stream of new staff.

I also make a list of the inventory, from everything what a staff member needs to use by doing his job, by example his Laptop, Car, Telephone, software, SLA by third-party contractor and so on.

By doing so, the back-office became to be structured and the SLA's, and cost could by controlled.

I find this a very fine experience and I learned much for further migrations.

By applying a structured method that specifically focuses on the preparation of migrations, that complexity can be controlled, both in the elapsed time as well as in costs.
No other approach has proven to be as effective as M3©.
Primarily M3© is a management method that doesn’t particularly say anything about the way the specialists need to do their job, it does say something about what and when.
Specialists are autonomous in their job and are managed on output within M3©.
Results are being submitted to joined quality inspections during the complete migration process.
Practical management that focuses on your desired result with the help of several measuring moments that keep a close watch at the progress of your project.
M3© should be used for every migration project.

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