Unknown-7Ministry of Justice:

As Technical Projectleader, I was responsible for the hardware, software, infrastructure and backup systems.
Projectname: HBS (Hoger beroep systeem).

The assignment for our team was: to initially develop a work flow for the process of H.A.S. (Higher Appeal System). We did use the software "Staffware" to design a process stream for the "higher appeal cases" through "traffic violation" and "cash flow" processes.

My work consist of:
  • Building the infrastructure for the software design team
  • Installing the software for the designers.
  • Direct assist of the design team
  • Making images from a complete configured PC with Windows '95 and the software from "Oracle" and "Staffware".
  • Configuring a "NT" fileserver
  • Making an images of all possible different systems (with "Ghost")
  • Writing procedures to install new equipment with an image.
  • Give the assignment to configure a "O-VM server".
  • Protocol TCP/IP met client server SQL
  • Install RAS (Remote access server)
  • Making an inventory of hardware.
  • Testing the hardware (PC's, network equipment, servers).
  • Testing the software
  • Testing the infrastructure (Modems, Hubs, Patch cabinets, RAS )
  • Testing backup equipment for rialibility
  • Making process descriptions for day to day operations and management of Ministry of Justice ('s-Herthogenbosch)
  • Coaching staff for further action.
  • Making safety procedures for communication over modems.
  • Facility management

I succeeded in all the assignments..

It was a very interesting job and I did it with pleasure.

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