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As Business Unit manager, I was responsible for the monthly production of 3 million payslips a month. this was thirty percent of the total marked for this kind of production.

I was responsible for the availability of computing capacity at the mainframe by PinkRoccade.

I was directly responsible for 24 employees and the production manager, three different production groups to handle 3 different salary packages, a system management group and indirectly the production group from PinkRoccade.

The assignment was:
  • Daily control concerning the operation and management
  • Lower the production costs
  • Reorganize the production flow
  • Set up a system management group to control the outsourced work at PinkRoccade.
  • Phasing out all manual productions
  • Give a tour for customers to understand the production of pay slips and the control stream to send the salary slips to all the employees.

The daily employee management consisted of:
  • Progress meetings
  • Conducting evaluation interviews
  • Planning of training courses
  • Making assessment calls

The daily activities consisted of:
  • Analysing technical production processes
  • Indicating improvements in the production process
  • Motivating the team for team challenges
  • Making the planning for the production
  • Making of the schedule for implementing software changes in the production stream
  • Tracking Stocks

Lastly, I was working on the "Outsourcing" of the production department. I did make an investigation by several companies with the question :

"Are they equipped to carry out a safe pay slip production, do they have enough computer power to handle such a complex process and are they able to handle such large volumes of mail".

With my team, I did produce a good manual with all facts from the production. So later on we could transfer the production to PinkRoccade, without problems.

Raet did not need my knowledge and experience anymore, so we did say goodbye and I take a sabbatical.

It was a very challenging job and I did it with pleasure.

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