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MX5 FotoSabbatical.

I start working in 1972 and that is now for almost 40 year.
In 1988 I Decided to work for Getronics in posting contracts.

The last 10 years, I was manager at several different companies.

The latest Job, I was B.U. manager at Raet b.v.
I had a very hard job to "outsource" the production department.
This job means at the end, that my function wood not exist anymore and most of my staff went into retirement.

When I finished my assignment, I decided to have a sabbatical and goes around with my MX5 through Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and Austria.
In that period I was thinking about other assignments and how to went on for the last 10 years?
Also I studying some new topics like XHTML, CCS5, PHP and Rapid Weaver for Apple web-sites.

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