As Project manager, I was responsible for implementing of a new standard workplace. This new standard workplace was designed by Shell laboratories.

I did select hardware specialists (3FTE) for configuring and installing the hardware.
I did select software specialists (2FTE) for installing the software
I did select a Transporting company, to do the transport of hardware to and from Shell offices and training centers.
I did select employees (5FTE) for placing equipment on the locations
I did select 2 specialists for problem solving after the rollout.

I did design a process in a factory setting, for rolling out the new workplace to the office locations.
We did develop an image to install a standard workplace from a fileserver
An image is a foto of the complete environment for the standard PC, which include: the Operating System, Office software, Mail, communication software etc.)
We tested the software to rollout the workplace

I did install a network to:
Test the hardware
Install the (Ghost) Image to a new standard PC
To manage the PC's from one central point
To register software and hardware in the network

In this factory, my first team (5FTE) was responsible for configuring and installing the PC's.

The workload consist of:
Installing the hardware
Installing the operating system
Testing the network
Installing from a fileserver the new image
Registering all hardware and software
Installing the complementaire software (Functional)
Register the hard and software

When the old hardware came back, my first team did the following:
Gets the harddrives out of the PC's
Mark the harddrives (owner and department)
Store them onto shelfs (for 2 months)
Destroy the data after 2 months
Transport the hardware to a demolish company (environmentally friendly )

My second team (5FTE) was responsible for the installation on location.

I make the appointments with the managers to:
To train the employees fro the new software
To transport the new PC's to the location
To place the new equipment
To collect the old equipment and bring them on transport back to the factory
To obtain approval by the manager, that we finished the work correctly
Making appointments to solve the latest tunings.
End control

I was directly responsible for 12 employees.

When the train was running, I did the following:
Daily control concerning the operation.
Weekly making the planning
Making appointments with the managers of the different locations
Checking the work on locations.
Daily problem management and change management.
Indicating improvements in the process
Motivating the team for team challenges
Planning the work for "the after rollout" third team (2FTE)

With my team, I succeeded in our assignment

It was a very challenging job, I did it with pleasure.

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