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Thank you for your time on my website.

My name is Gerard Jan de Brieder Sr. and I started this web site to advertise my self for a job.
At this very moment I am not available for a job, because I have had a brain infarct, sorry.
This causes to much problems for me, to go on for a whole day in management tasks. Also the fact, that I can’t handle more than two people in my environment. This will cause disorder and concentration problems.
So in place of, I learn
single people (55+) to handle in the digital world of Apple systems and software .
When I have a good day, I try to develop this web-site and write several pages for the course of 55+ in the digital world, because you can’t live in this world, if you don’t have some electronic devices to contact the government or other important agencies.
This will give me satisfaction in my day to day life for now.

My Jobs were, to fill in management rolls in the following functions:

    • B.U. Management
    • IT Management
    • Projectmanagement
  • Facility Management
  • Consulting IT projects

I bring in my 15 year of management experience.

Description of my experience:

  • Day to day management of the departmental workload
  • Motivating teams for a special goal
  • Designing and Managing complex processes
  • Migrating ICT-processes
  • Setting up Facility management
  • Setting up Back-office processes

At this moment:

I am helping 55+ in the digital world.
I am President occupant association of 22 apartments.
I help young companies to make a website with RapidWeaver.
I give some training for Apple systems.

I find a new challenge, learning Swift (Try to develop an App for iPad (Apple-hardware))
Look for more information about Swift video course on my Blog.